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Playwright, Director, Actress, Motivator, Independent Filmmaker, Best-selling Author


I present to you DELICIOUS. The first of four episodes in the series entitled: If Not For The LORD, Where Would I Be?

Deelia Williamson better known to the girls at the club as Delicious is a frustrated forty year old exotic dancer with a Christian background and upbringing. Far from her humble beginnings, her life has taken her on the journey filled with fast money, danger, manipulation and false promises. It will take strength for Delicious to walk away from her current employment needs and seek guidance from the LORD to SAVE her SOUL!

Paula is a young adult away from home for the first time is a freshman in college when placed in an uncompromising position that depending on what she decides will challenge her faith, morals and everything she was taught as a young girl growing up in the church having a praying mother. Walking in the Spirit will take you on an emotional journey of flesh vs. Spirit.

Walking in the Spirit is a short film based on the stage play written, directed and produced by D. Tina Batten. Sister Batten, as she is affectionately known is an Independent Christian Filmmaker, Playwright, Director, Actress, Author and above all else she is a mighty woman of God using the gifts God has given her. The short film focuses on Choices & Consequences and promises to take you on an emotional journey of devastating circumstances that lead to serious actions of no turning back when you give into the flesh instead of walking in the spirit.

"It Ain't Over Til God Say it's Over" is an entertaining stage play with a powerful message! "All relationships have trials and tribulations, but with prayer, belief, and God, anything is possible!"

This fun and entertaining stage performance was filmed live at Imani Temple of Temecula Church of God in Christ (COGIC) with a  live audience, which adds all the more excitement and thrill behind the final product. 

Watching the DVD is just like being in the audience!  You feel like you are right there with the cast and performers, sitting next to others who are just like yourself!

See and feel what it means to be in a hard relationship, and when it all just seems like it's ready to fall apart, a miracle is bound to happen and God intervenes.