Sister Batten says; 

I’m a woman who loves the LORD and who is an extremely gifted visual storyteller. I work so hard to bring encouraging messages directly from the street to the stage and now to film. I’m a woman with much vision whom will write from the heart to tell these fascinating stories presented through dramatic stage plays, showcases and films that provoke positive change in someone’s life.  I love being involved in collaboration projects and will design skits, programs, story boards for music videos and other dramatic works for conventions, conferences, youth rally’s, marriage enrichment seminars, workshops, convocation, schools, youth centers and more that will be tailored to your individual needs, message and/or theme.
You see, I’m the kind of writer who will simply write what I see. That is why the impact is so strong because I simply write what the LORD has given me to write. I recall many times when the story is so deep that I will actually feel the same emotions the characters feel. All I can do is CRY! It’s that heartfelt, moving and powerful! It’s my opinion; the stage is my pulpit to relay messages of love, hope, and life lessons to the world through this art form while film acts as an evangelistic tool for outreach.
The Lord has definitely put me on a straight and narrow pathway with detail instructions guiding me every step of the way seeking global notability of joining the ranks of my fellow brother in Christ playwrights and filmmakers such as: Bishop T.D. Jakes, Tyler Perry and David E. Talbert.

You Can Get Involved with the making of two featured film projects
Second Chance and The Christmas Donor 

​​Fire and Ice Interactive Fundraising Dinner Show in Partnership with Women Organizing Women, INC


Playwright, Director, Actress, Motivator, Independent Filmmaker, Best-selling Author

Sister Batten is currently seeking individuals, churches and other organizations interested in partnering with Sister Batten Productions on the feature length film projects of Second Chance and The Christmas Donor. Fundraising efforts have already begun. 

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Film Logline:

Trapped by her pain, convicted by her faults, a former evangelist must shed the guilt of killing her sister to unlock the blessings hidden deep inside of her.

There are tremendous benefits available to those that choose to partner in this effort. To be included in the upcoming exclusive presentation of this project, please forward your email address to: so we can send out your invite with details of the next upcoming meeting. 

For One Week Only 7-16 through 7-22

Hit Staged Play "It Ain't over Til God Say It's Over" featured in a virtual theatre

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